Even The Most Experienced Expert And Successful Entrepreneurs Have A Mentor To Continually Improve Their Winning Game

I will not try to sell you on applying for Major League…Instead I will simply tell you who it IS for and who it’s NOT for.

The Ultimate Mastermind and Elite Training Program For Info-Marketers, Coaches, Content Creators, Influencers and Supplement Owners.

This group IS for:

People with active online businesses who are currently doing 6 figures in their business and would like to do 7 or 8 figures.

People with businesses who are currently doing 6 figures and want to add a high ticket option to their funnel

People with a business who are currently doing 6 figures and want to automate their business with a cold traffic front end offer.

People who already have an active audience or following who would like to 10x it.

People who know their business can grow and who are willing to work hard to make that happen now.

People who are already successful who want to not only double or triple their income but automate aspects of their business so they can have more time off.

This group is NOT for:

People who are just getting started, and haven’t sold anything yet.

People who are time wasters, procrastinators or complain when they see other people getting ahead.

People who don’t want to market their business or think marketing is a bad thing.

I want to be completely up front: This is expensive.

You’ll be required to put into action what you learn and do it fast. And this group is extremely limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Here’s how it works:

Fill out the application and be as detailed as possible. I want to know about your business for 2 reasons. 1. I want to make sure you are a good fit for the program and that I can actually help you achieve business doubling results fast. 2. I want to weed out the tire-kickers.

Once you fill out the application, I’ll read through it and decided if we’re a good match or not. If we are great, you can get started when the next slot is available. If not no hard feelings we go on our separate ways. Nobody will pressure you or hassle you either way.

I would like to be considered for the next available Major League.

WARNING – Read This Dis­claimer

If you think that being successful involves no hard work or everything is some sort of scam then leaves this website.

Even though Nick Hill has a proven record for success, he says: "Success may not be for you."

"Most people who get ‘how to’ information never take action with the information or give up before getting to the finish line and therefore never achieve any results."

"Your results depend on many factors, including but not limited to: your ability to work hard, change up, commit yourself and frankly do whatever it takes."

"And that’s why success may not be for you."

If you want results in the new economy it’s going to involve taking more risk than doing nothing at all as well as require the action it takes to get the results you want. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE.